How Is

Candidates describe their Project and Resources needed to accomplish their dream. The project will have to be approved by our Project team. Based on the Committee’s approval the details will be hosted seeking assistance. Once a Candidate meets his assistance, he does not feature in the list of candidates who seek, and be visible only to his sponsors.

For Donors, there are many ways to help them achieve this.
Make a One Time Contribution to the cause of the Individual. These can be monitored by you the donor by seeing how much of your contribution has been given to the sponsored candidate, and progress of the same. Donors can mention the rate of distribution, by setting milestones. Should there be multiple donors to a given candidate, the chief donors milestones will apply. Since the Laws of the land are such, that repatriation is difficult, donors can choose another individual to assist, should there be any credit balance in his/her account.